Queen Debacle: Episode 2

Heath, Heather & Herb Blog

By: Dan

Working on bees is definitely testing my patience. Buzzing around your head incessantly, attacking your ankles and causing undue hardship. Worst of all, taking care of an organism where they create only one that is the lifeline of the entire colony; that’s stressful. The bee Queen has been my Achilles heel sincethe very first time I dropped her last year. Just like the England’s Queen she demands respect and potentially a large closet for all her hats. Today was no exception to the issues that plague my bee handling skills.

So let us start on what lead up to this potentially disastrous predicament.

We, at the time, had 2 strong and full hives (one has been limping along since spring and needed to be requeened). We decided that we should add brood from our strong hive and requeen the failing colony.  First step is to purchase…

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